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September 17, 2006 by Beninian Annie
Here is my house....and also our workstation. If you want to see more, check out my photo site. To login use this information: e-mail - password - schmackles

Photo 1 and 2 : My living room, slash office, slash kitchen
Photo 3: My bedroom
Photo 4: Our workstation front door, the Peace Corps office where I work and am now the lady in charge.
Photo 5: Our workstation living room
September 16, 2006 by Beninian Annie
Okay....I'm doing updates, see my post before to catch where I have been in July. ALSO, I have figured out how to post pictures. So, get excited or scared, depending if you are in them or not.

August 1st - 5th - My last week at post
To be honest, I was not looking forward to this week at post. I was invisioning boring times, packing 24 hours a day, you get the idea. Well, it turned out to pass so quickly with lots of surprise twists. First off, my fellow teachers decided to throw a...
September 16, 2006 by Beninian Annie
Hello all!

Yes, it has been a whole two months since I have written and even longer since I've sent a letter. I deserved to be disowned, but them again perhaps its okay to be selfish from time to time.

Anyway this month has been crazy - so let me give you a quick calendar synopsis. Like Julie Andrews...I'll start at the vary beginning.

July 9th - World Cup Time
Soccer came big time to my village and really to the entire world. The world cup started right around the time sc...
July 30, 2006 by Beninian Annie

A lot of goodbyes done. A new house and worstation here, but still not feeling much at home. I think it will take a while. Alrighty...bye bye. More to come.
July 22, 2006 by Beninian Annie
Annie Reifsnyder
B.P. 359
Parakou, Benin

23-61-21-14 Benin's Country Code is 229


It has been a long time and I again have no excuses to give. I really haven't had that much to do in the work rhelm, but I have been going through a bit of a normal mental roller coaster. As it stands now I have four days left at post. For the last three weeks I have been just trying to say goodbye savoring each moment. I ...
June 11, 2006 by Beninian Annie
We will start with the most important things first......

Happy Birthday TOM!!!!!!!!!!!

He is getting older wiser, and as always continues to be smarter than I am.

Second, I apologize to all, especially to Becca for keeping you waiting. But, drum roll please. I am staying in Benin for a third year. My new Close of Service date is December 3rd, 2007. I will have two positions. First, is I will be the new Volunteer Leader for the Parakou Workstation, which is the main northern capit...
April 28, 2006 by Beninian Annie
So, I am no longer Annie the Beninian, but instead the Togolese. I am in Kara, the northern capital of Togo to meet Alison Agee, my buddy from DePauw who is comming to visit.

All is well, but sadly the end of school is nearing. We have just three weeks left. That means one more quiz and one test left to grade. AHHHH!!!!!!

Despite not being in contact, I have stayed busy. The all-volunteer conference went extremely well and I got amazing feedback on my presentation. There are now 10...
March 26, 2006 by Beninian Annie

I am back. Standfast is over and I made it 28 straight days in my village. I think I could have made it another two weeks, but my batteries were starting to wear out and no radio means no connection to the world. It is amazing how much I have come to rely on BBC.

Vacation in Niger was wonderful. I did not get time to write on my way back. I have found my new favorite way to vacation. There is just something so different about seeing a place from the perspective of someone w...
February 20, 2006 by Beninian Annie
Yes.............there is internet in the middle of nowhere in the desert. Al and I had a long, but relatively painless ride up here and it was kindof cool seeing the trees and rocks just evaporate into thin air. One ridge we passed and there you go, all desert. We will stay here for another day seeing the city and then most likely go out into the desert for an overnight camel ride, yes dad, making it over the hump. That might be your worst joke yet.

Alrighty, my love to all.

Becca, I...
February 15, 2006 by Beninian Annie
Just in transit. Will stay with a friend near Kandi tonight and then it is off to Dosso, Abbys village, hopefully Als village and then riding camels in the Sahel.

Bye bye
February 5, 2006 by Beninian Annie
Another month has slowly flown passed. I find myself in a series of phases. This month it was reading and thus my house it a little dirtier, because last month I was in a cleaning phase.

Our second set of tests for the year is next week, so I will be observing tests, then grading, and finally calculating the semester grades. All by hand.......yippee. Teaching is definately easier this year. Lesson plans do not take me as long, but I sometimes wonder if this is because I have become lazie...
January 22, 2006 by Beninian Annie
I have oficially set a new record for meetings in one weekend. I think there were six in one day. Of all the days of boredom pleasantly spent in my hammock reading, it is quite a shock to be thrust into such a crazy environment. I think this is my new goal, somehow find this happy medium between not getting stressed out, be relaxed, but yet getting a lot done. I have seen people do such things, so I know that it is possible.

Tests for the end of the semester are in two weeks. Then, I go ...
January 8, 2006 by Beninian Annie
The holidays are over and sadly, so is my vacation with my family.

The boys are back safely and I am headed up North again to start the second quarter of school. A week late, but I am sure they understand. Let me fill you in on our trip.

December 26th-27th
Boys got in incredibly tired. Mike had to check his bag in order to provide lighting for the entire trip, feel free to ask him, thus his bag took a little longer. I kept on jumping off my tippy toes to catch sight of them. I fi...
December 18, 2005 by Beninian Annie
Hello Hello!!!!

School is out and thus I am here in Parakou finishing some grant work. School went by so quickly and I in general it was so much easier this year correcting the exam papers and preparing the students for the tests, etc. However, at the same time, sometimes I feel like I am cheating the students because this uear I have not spent as much time preparing lessons. More time has been spent doing secondary projects.
It seems like I have continuously had something going o...
November 27, 2005 by Beninian Annie

I am full beyound belief. I had three pieces of pumpkin pie and all the stuffing I could ever want with really really good mashed potatoes. It does not get any easier having holidays away from friends and family, but we made our own little party here in Nattitingou. There were 19 of us all eating together and although a turkey was not found, three pheasants did the trick.

Things went well at post this last two weeks. The traveling sensabilization for Female Empowerment Vicotr...